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HealthWorks wellness committee toolkit

One of the best ways to lead your employees to better health is with a team. Use our tools and resources to create a wellness team that will bring your workforce wellness program to life and drive healthy changes in your employees.

Why you need a wellness committee

You could manage your workforce wellness program on your own, but there are good reasons for creating a wellness committee:

  • Build on success and continuity
    You'll find it easier to ensure the long-term success of your program if more than one person is working toward the same goal.
  • Deliver a strong, consistent message
    Having a committee gives you the opportunity to communicate across the workplace and enhances the credibility and importance of the message.
  • Leverage diverse perspectives
    You'll be able to bring a wider variety of talents and perspectives together for creative problem solving, and to make sure the program meets the needs of all employees.
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness
    More hands make the work easier. Also, a committee gives your employees a way to share feedback about the program.

How a wellness committee works

Once you've selected your wellness committee, you should expect them to:

  • Develop, oversee, and evaluate your organization's wellness efforts
  • Identify employee wellness interests, gain program support from coworkers, and encourage participation
  • Promote programs, policies, and surroundings that encourage employee health and safety
  • Create and maintain open communications with employees to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle and inform the workforce about wellness events
  • Serve on the committee for defined, overlapping periods to ensure refreshed perspectives from new participants as well as continuous activity and carryover from previous volunteers

Wellness committee roles

To help develop your team, you'll need to understand the typical roles and responsibilities of a wellness committee. Feel free to modify the titles and duties for your committee as long as someone is assigned to each function.

  • Sponsor
    Should be a member of senior management who can provide financial and leadership support for your workforce wellness program
  • Committee lead
    Chairs your wellness committee, leads meetings, coordinates programs, assigns roles and responsibilities, guides development of the committee's operating plan
  • Committee member
    Attends and actively participates in all committee meeting discussions and volunteers for wellness program activities

Use these resources to start forming your wellness committee

Download the following resources to help your committee get started:

  1. Get started forming your wellness committee
  2. Recruit committee members (Microsoft Word file)
  3. Checklist for your first six meetings
  4. Member commitment pledge

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file.

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