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Occupational health

Occupational health: Kaiser On-the-JobĀ®

Kaiser On-the-Job is a Kaiser Permanente program available to all of your employees, regardless of health plan coverage.

Healthy employees, healthy business

To keep your business efficient and competitive, you need productive, healthy employees. What are you doing to ensure that the people who make your business successful remain productive members of your team?

Kaiser On-the-Job can help. By providing employment physicals, medical surveillance examinations, workplace injury care/management programs, substance abuse testing, and immunization services, we partner with your company to help reduce employees' time away from work and control costs. That's a smart investment.

Workers' compensation/injury care and disability management

Reducing lost days means savings for you

Kaiser On-the-Job work injury care is available to all your employees, not just Kaiser Permanente members. We'll help your injured or ill employees return to full or partial work as soon as it's medically appropriate. This helps you contain costs associated with time lost, employee replacement, and retraining. Statistics show that Kaiser On-the-Job's Injury Care and Disability Management Program can reduce physician-authorized days lost due to work-related illness and injuries. For example, in the state of Hawaii, the average number of days lost was 25.9.1 With Kaiser On-the-Job, it was just 11.2.2

Injury care and disability management requires continuity, coordination, and communication

Our board-certified occupational medicine and specialty physicians have extensive training in work-related injuries and illness. They work with other health care professionals, such as nurses and physical therapists, within Kaiser Permanente's distinct health care delivery system. With Kaiser On-the-Job, the people providing care work together to provide coordinated, seamless care and streamline necessary administrative work.

Within 24 to 48 hours after your employee's visit to our Occupational Health Services clinic, you'll have a point of contact and the information you'll need to plan modified duty assignments. A work status report, or work slip, will be provided to the injured worker and a copy will be faxed to the designated employer contact with an established Kaiser On-the-Job Workers Compensation Injury Care Partnership agreement. Finding your contact is simple. Just call one number to inquire about return-to-work status or treatment plans, speak with your nurse case manager, or resolve claims questions.

Contact your Kaiser Permanente health plan account manager or call our Kaiser On-the-Job Customer Service Center at 432-2208 (Oahu) or toll-free 1-888-683-2208 (Neighbor Islands) to establish a Workers' Compensation Injury Care Partnership for your company.

Safety and prevention services

Prevention--an effective defense in controlling costs

Safety and prevention services can ensure compliance with state and federal worksite regulations and include programs that can help employees prevent injuries and illness:

  • Employment physicals/medical surveillance examinations
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Immunization programs
  • Safety and prevention classes that provide training for employees to work safely and effectively and can help your company meet OSHA/regulatory requirements

Contact your Kaiser Permanente health plan account manager or call our Kaiser On-the-Job Customer Service Center at 432-2208 (Oahu) or toll-free 1-888-683-2208 (Neighbor Islands). A safety and prevention services agreement must be set up to enable your company to obtain these services.

Occupational health services clinics

Our five dedicated occupational health services clinics listed below serve as the primary treatment and management centers for work-related care. However, initial treatment of injuries may also be received at our after-hours/urgent or emergent care clinics at Honolulu Clinic, Moanalua Medical Center and Clinic, or the Maui Lani Clinic.

Kaiser On-the-Job employer materials

Making appointments for work injury care or safety and prevention services

To learn more about keeping your business and your employees healthy, or to set up service agreements for workers' compensation injury care or safety and prevention services, please call (808) 432-2273.

To make appointments for work injury care or safety and prevention services, please call your nearest Occupational Health Services Clinic.

1 State of Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Workers' Compensation Data Book 2005. Reflects percentage of work-related illness or injury cases with days lost reported by employer.

2 Kaiser On-the-Job Workers' Compensation Performance Report, 2005. Reflects percentage of total work-related illness or injury cases with days lost.

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