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Thrive Across America physical activity program

(Currently available to groups with 300 or more employees)

Active employees mean better business

Employees who are physically active can help improve your business. Research shows they have:

  • Positive attitudes and perform better on the job.1
  • Fewer doctor visits and hospital stays than inactive people—which can make a big difference in your health care costs.2

Easy for you, fun for employees

Now you can get your employees—and your bottom line—up and moving with Thrive Across America. This fun and easy program will take employees on a virtual tour of the country, visiting stops such as national parks, wildlife preserves, and historical landmarks as they log physical activity time. And it's open to all your employees, even if they aren't Kaiser Permanente members.

Employees can choose any activity they like—a brisk 10-minute walk, swimming, and even gardening count—as long as it gets the heart pumping and increases their breathing rate. While they can participate on an individual basis, Thrive Across America is even more fun when your employees compete in teams. Numerous studies show that they're more likely to stick with an exercise program or other healthy habits when supported by others.3

For you

  • Consultations and program support from our health promotion professionals
  • An implementation guide and promotional materials to encourage participation
  • Reports on participation levels, team standings, and more
  • Participant surveys to help you evaluate success
  • Standard or customized program options

For your employees

  • Easy access through a Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks website or your own site
  • Engaging facts about each stop along the tour
  • Tips on exercise and nutrition
  • Team competition or individual participation

Did you know?

A six-month study of participants in a workplace-based exercise program found that employees who are more physically active can save their employers an estimated $323 per employee in absenteeism costs annually.4

For more information

1 J.C. Coulson et al., "Exercising at Work and Self-reported Work PerformanceKaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external Internet sites.," International Journal of Workplace Health Management, Vol. 1, Issue 3, 2008.

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3 "Social Support: Impact on Health and the Bottom LineKaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external Internet sites.," Health Enhancement Systems, 2009.

4 David Cameron Smith, "The 6-month Effect on Absenteeism and Cost Savings from a Workplace Pedometer-based Intervention: U.S. Model," Global Corporate Challenge, 2007.

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