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About Kaiser On-the-Job®


Kaiser Permanente has been caring for the health of Californians for nearly 60 years and is one of the largest providers of occupational health services in California. We're well known for our quality medical care and coordinated care programs, so we're uniquely qualified to take care of your workers, and to help take care of your bottom line at the same time.

Kaiser On-the-Job focuses on the health and safety needs of your workplace. Our services are available to all of your employees, regardless of their health plan membership. If an injury or illness does occur, we're committed to getting your employees back "on the job" as soon as medically appropriate, and keeping you informed about their work status.

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Comprehensive care

Our dedicated occupational health centers provide comprehensive occupational injury care and take a multidisciplinary approach to respond quickly and efficiently to the unique needs that arise from work-related injuries. Many of our centers have an available occupational health case manager who facilitates your employee's rapid return to work through communication with the patient, employer, carrier, and medical provider.

A unified approach

Kaiser On-the-Job is a coordinated program distinguished by consistent quality management, direct communication with the claim administrator and employer, and advanced reporting capabilities. Our approach includes the following:

  • having an occupational health physician or clinician examine injured or ill employees, and determine their treatment according to standard clinical guidelines, including American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) guideline
  • preparing and sending the appropriate paperwork to you and the workers' compensation claims administrator
  • keeping you updated on your employee's work status
  • working closely with you and the claims administrator to facilitate and coordinate an employee's prompt return to work, whether it is full or modified duty

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Demonstrated cost savings

Kaiser Permanente is committed to reducing overall workers' compensation costs through quality medical care, effective case management, and prompt return-to-work programs.

Lower the cost of good health

Kaiser On-the-Job can help you combine cost savings with high-quality care. Take a look at the results achieved by the State Compensation Insurance Fund and Kaiser Permanente Alliance. According to a 2006 California Worker's Compensation Institute study, the Alliance, using Kaiser On-the-Job facilities and Kaiser Permanente physicians, had the kind of results that would please any employer:

  • $395 million savings in total workers' compensation costs
  • 32% lower medical treatment costs
  • 25% lower disability costs
  • 30% lower attorney involvement
  • 24% lower average total costs

Kaiser On-the-Job is available to all of your employees. They don't need to be enrolled in a Kaiser Permanente health plan.

Quality care

With our integrated service delivery, your employees are able to access lab, X-ray, pharmacy, and physical therapy—all within the Kaiser Permanente network. Our occupational medicine multidisciplinary team coordinates care for your employees. Our occupational health specialists are readily accessible for consultations or referrals. Your employees who are Kaiser Permanente members will benefit from the continuity of care between our occupational medicine and group health services, allowing for more fluid and efficient health care delivery.

Follow-up procedure

Subsequent to treatment of your injured or ill worker by one of our health care professionals, with patient authorization, you will be notified of the return-to-work status and work restrictions, if any.

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Return to work

One of the best ways to help an injured or ill employee recover is to use a Transitional Work strategy.

Return-to-Work Guide for Employees

Return-to-Work Guide for Employees
Guia para la Transicion al Trabajo para los empleados

Our Return-to-Work Guide for Employees brochure answers questions your employees may have about Transitional Work, its purpose, and what it will mean for them. If they still have questions, direct them to contact their physician or health care provider.

Preventive services

Work-related injuries and illness cost employers millions of dollars each year. Protecting your most valuable asset--your employees--is important. Prevention is your best defense in controlling cost. We help you keep your employees healthy and productive, and we help you reduce workers' compensation-related costs by helping you prevent work-related injuries and minimizing time lost from productive labor when injuries occur.

Learn more about our Occupational Health and Safety Services.

Putting technology to work

Our occupational health clinics have easy access to patient's electronic medical information.

Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks

Cover every aspect of employee health by combining Kaiser On-the-Job with a workforce health program from Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks. Your employees can learn how to eat healthy, get moving, and reduce their stress levels so they'll feel better and be more productive.

By partnering with us, you'll get everything you need to make good health a part of every business day for all of your employees—whether they're Kaiser Permanente members or not. A HealthWorks program will help you:

  • Understand the health risks facing your workforce
  • Design an effective workplace program
  • Develop communications that motivate employees to participate in your program
  • Successfully implement your program
  • Measure the outcomes of your program

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